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Simple & Secure

Use your existing Salesforce credentials to log in. uses OAuth 2.0 so you can get started quickly without compromising security.

Blazing fast metadata selection

Select any metadata instantly with smart filtering and grouping. Deploy metadata types beyond the ones supported by changeset.

Line-by-line diff viewer

Get insights into your deployments. Deploy with confidence. Know exactly what you are deploying via instant line-by-line diff viewer.

Clone and reuse of inbound change sets

No more tedious, manual rebuild of inbound change sets. Clone & reuse inbound change list in a single click. See differences instantly.

Team collaboration & sharing

Share change list with your team in seconds. Manage your Salesforce release easier and faster than ever before.

100% cloud based.

Access from anywhere, anytime.
Nothing to install.
Always up-to-date.

Enterprise grade release management

Unlock the benefits of source control and continuous delivery.

Setup modern release processes from scratch within minutes.

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CI & Automation

Say goodbye to Jenkins and Ant. Setup CI processes in a few clicks. No installations or scriptings is needed.

Version control and backup

Know exactly which line of code was changed, by whom, at which point in time. Your metadata is incremetally backed up. You can easily restore to any previous versions.

Line-by-line Code Review

Every member in your team is in sync of the changes in progress. Each change is reviewed to meet your team's standard of quality and best practice.

Click not Code

ClickDeploy empowers admins and non technical users to work with Git without the needs for IDE, CLI or learning Git commands.

No more code clobbering

No more overwriting each other's changes. Every conflict is detected automatically.

Salesforce DX Ready

Support DX format as well as Metadata API format. Automatic source conversion based on org types.

Trusted by the world's leading brands

Companies of all shapes & sizes choose to manage their salesforce deployments.

Loved by users accross the globe

ClickDeploy tool is one of the best SFDC related apps I have seen though my 6 years SFDC Experience. Making deployment processes extremely simple and intuitive. It provides outstanding user experience saving hours and days for deployments. Easy-to-use filtering allows to create and deploy change sets in minutes, and the ability to compare components and see the difference is just awesome.

Roman Gorbatov
Salesforce Architect @ CT Consulting
New York, US

As an SF Consultant I work with many organizations, and do multiple deployments a week. You have no idea how much your product has done to make building/deploying change sets so much easier. Thank you for making the process so much more efficient. Deployments that used to take me an hour, take only minutes with your tool.

Drew Benson
Founder @ Flok Consulting
Bend, Oregon, US

Amazing tool from an amazing team ! ClickDeploy is an amazing tool that has changed the way Cloud Think handles change management. The technology handles not just org to org deployments but fully integrates into source. It seamlessly handles the pain points of going to source driven development while empowering admins of all skill levels to be part of the process. I can’t recommend it enough !

Adam Marks
Salesforce MVP & Founder @ Cloud Think
Virgina, US

ClickDeploy is an amazing tool that allows you to quickly create change sets for deployment. The biggest features for me is being able to copy, clone & reuse change sets and being able to find newly created fields extremely quickly. It really helps keep our change control and deployment practices in check. I highly recommend at least trying the free version, it will completely change the way you work.

Henry Wong
Business System Analyst @ Starlight Children Foundation
Sydney, Australia

I have been using ClickDeploy for the last 6 months and I have nothing but "kudos" for the Tool and the development team. The functionality provided by the tool in simple words makes my day to day job easier. I highly recommend ClickDeploy for anybody interested in an affordable reliable tool and deployments saving time. Top Notch product and company.

Eduardo Aguirre
System Business Analyst @ SureWerx,
Vancouver, Canada

There is no other way !!! ClickDeploy continues to save us countless hours with our deployments. They have taken the pain out of deployments, and turned it into one of those things you actually enjoy. Thanks to the team that has built an amazing product, and continues to support and enhance it with great features all the time

Tzemach Aronov
Salesforce Lead @ Cellebrite
Petah Tikvah, Israel

Amazingly fast UI. Well designed styling and simple UX means virtually zero learning curve”

Peter Bender
Lead Consultant & Solution Architect
San Francisco, US

I've started to use for pretty much everything we deploy where possible. It makes comparing what's in the sandbox and what's in production so much faster than the built in Salesforce tools you get out the box. The interface is familiar & the usability of the tool is great for the kind of work we deal with everyday. If it didn't already exist we'd have to invent it.

John Hutchinson
Salesforce Developer @ Oegen
Nottingham, United Kingdom

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